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How the right packaging can support your sustainability goals

Many people consider packaging as an environmental pollutant these days, especially with UK Government set to introduce taxes on plastic packaging in addition to the existing packaging waste producer levy.

However, packaging has an important role to play in protecting your products, but it needs to be designed and used properly. In fact, when you’re using the right packaging it can significantly reduce waste and emissions throughout your supply chain.

Carefully planning your packaging from the start will help you achieve your sustainability goals. The right pack will impact all aspects of your supply chain, reducing the environmental and financial cost to your company…

The right solution = released storage  

Combining the right packaging solutions with Just-In-Time delivery will eliminate the natural waste and the environmental cost of maintaining storage space. Plus, if you pay for pallet spaces, you’ll minimise this cost too.

Optimised packaging leads to reduced transport

If your packaging is lighter and smaller, you’ll be able to achieve pallet optimisation. This means you’ll need fewer pallets of packaging, resulting in a reduction in the number of journeys per volume of goods and the load weight. All of this contributes to cutting emissions and fossil fuel use.

Cut the carbon cost of transactions by reducing damages

When your products are damaged in transit it is expensive for you and the environment. Every time your items are damaged and returned the carbon cost doubles because of reverse logistics. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of replacing damages products, as well as impact it can have on customer experience.

Automation has environmental advantages

Packaging automation can help significantly improve productivity and reduce waste. You may even be able to reduce the different pack types you use and eliminate the use of excess materials.

Sustainable materials support positive customer experiences

Many packaging materials that can deliver these supply chain benefits are sustainable, recyclable, or even reusable – all of which is welcomed by consumers. Positive customer experiences lead to increased loyalty and repeat sales.

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