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How to pack photography equipment

Photography equipment can be expensive. If you’re selling it online, you’ll be aware that damages in transit can be costly. Mitigating this expense should be one of your priorities, so getting your packaging right is important.

Protect from dust, scratches and other nasties

If any of the photography products you sell are sensitive to dust or have surfaces that could be scratched, it makes sense to protect them from this.

Using foam wrap or bags can provide both surface protection and limit dust that can come into contact with your goods. It’s also worth considering your storage environment. Any sensitive equipment you’re storing in a dusty or dirty warehouse may be best covered with pallet covers or bags to help preserve stock integrity.

Use sufficient padding for fragile items

Making sure you use enough protective packaging for the most fragile photography items like lenses or lighting will be essential in eliminating damages.  You can choose from packaging like:

All of these have shock absorbing properties that will deal with the twists and turns of the transit network. To make the right choice for your business, you could investigate drop testing. Alternativeyly, you could complete packaging trials to select the padding you need for your photography equipment.

Make sure your outer packing can withstand the courier network

Using a tougher outer transit carton is another step you can take to limit damages. Depending on the fragility and weight of your products. For lightweight items you could choose reinforced single wall box if you’re looking for something cost-effective.

Alternatively, for heavier items we’d always recommend using a strong double wall carton that can deal with the knocks your parcels could take whilst in the postal system.

If you’re looking for the ultimate transit protection, you could invest in reusable hard cases lined with foam . However, you do have to consider the logistics of getting these cases back after your deliveries have been made.

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