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How to safely pack bottles for shipping this Christmas

At this time of year, as we turn our heads towards Christmas, a lot of us will be enjoying a drink or two. In 2017 alone, Aldi sold over 13.5 million bottles of wine, prosecco and champagne during the festive period.

So, imagine the sheer volume of bottles that will be travelling through the postal network at this time of year!

Packing fragile bottles

Whether you’re shipping wine, beer, spirits or champagne, you’ll know that glass bottles can often break in transit if they’re not handled properly. And no one wants to receive a broken bottle, right?

Getting your packaging right when it comes to shipping bottles can be challenging. There’s lots of different options for you to choose from. You could go basic with boxes and dividers or you could go with the tried and tested polystyrene option. However, the latter can be bulky to store and difficult to dispose of!

Our innovative solution – Airsac inflatable packaging

Airsac inflatable packaging is our innovative solution for safely packing bottles this Christmas!

It’s been proven to virtually eliminate damages & returns (check out a customer testimonial here) and it will take up hardly any space in your warehouse.

You’ll find that when inflated, Airsac is 98% and just 2% film. Plus, Airsac is recyclable (it’s a category 4 plastic) and it can even be reused. It’s lightweight too, so it can help you minimise shipping weight and emissions in transit.

There’s a wide range of Airsacs available for packing bottles on our website In our wine range we stock sizes for one, two, three, six or 12 bottles, as well as magnums and carrier bags. These can be used for wine, champagne and spirits. We also have a range for beer and cider bottles in single, triple, six, nine and 12 packs.

Discount for new customers

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Try Airsac for yourself

We offer free samples of Airsac, if you’d like to try it before you buy. See for yourself how it can be used to safely pack bottles. Email or complete our contact form for more information.