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Ideas for enhancing your product and pack appearance

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Everyone wants to deliver a great customer experience. So, as we’re all turning to online shopping, and packaging is playing a big part in delivering the wow-factor. Here are some ideas for enhancing your pack presentation…

Customise your in-pack experience

You know the feeling when you receive a parcel, it’s exciting to open the box and get to your goods. Whilst you might think about branding on the outside of your box or mailing bag – do you consider what’s happening on the inside?

From printing the inside of the box to using coloured tissue and ribbon – there are lots of ways you can surprise your customers.

Get packers to use protective cotton gloves

Once your packing materials are sorted you might want to make some practical changes to help protect your packs.

Depending on your packing environment, you may find that fingerprints get easily transferred on to your pack, which can be unsightly.

Introducing cotton gloves for handing will minimise transfer and help improve the appearance of your goods.

Try using protection tape

If you’re packing products with mirror or gloss finishes or more industrial goods, you could try using protection tape.

Protection tapes have a low tack, so they’re easy to remove and help minimise scuffing and scratching – keeping your products in pristine condition.

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