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How to keep your products secure with packaging

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In any industry it’s important to make sure your products are secured in transit. You want to provide a good customer experience, so getting orders to your end user is an essential part of this.

If you’re retailing or manufacturing high value goods – be it designer fashion accessories through to valuable auto or aerospace parts, there are several ways you can keep your products secure with packaging.

Our top 4 packaging tips for keeping your product secure

1. Use tamper resistant boxes

We’re always looking for ways to improve box designs. One of the recent innovations to come from our Innovation Lab are tamper resistant boxes.

These feature internal folds, which provide a security barrier once the box has been closed and sealed. The barriers stop would be thieves reaching into gaps in your boxes to take products out whilst they’re in the postal system.

2. Try tamper evident tape

If you’re using cartons, the chances are you’ll need tape to seal them. Tamper evident tape is a terrific way to enhance your pack security.

If someone tried to remove tamper evident tape it leaves behind a message such as “opened” or “void” to clearly let people know the pack has been compromised.

3. Consider security seals or tags

As well as tamper evident tape, you could invest in security tags or seals. You can choose from a range of different security tag designs depending on your requirements.

If you’re bolting wooden crates shut for export, you could use security bolt seals. For medical products like emergency kits you could use plastic pull-tight tags and for heavier duty applications, you can invest in metal swing tags which are sealed with lead or copper.

All security tags can be printed or coded with your shipping information or messaging, so can help you trace and track shipments too!

4. Think about branding the inside of your packaging

Whilst branding is an important part of the customer journey, you may want to re-think having your branding on the outside of your parcel.

We’ve started to see a trend amongst our customers to opt for branding the inside of their packaging. So, what are the benefits? Plan outer packaging doesn’t give away what’s inside your package, enhancing security. Plus, internal branding can give your packaging a wow-factor by means of a reveal when a parcel you’ve shipped is opened by the end customer.

Contact us for more security tips

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