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Do you know the most common box styles?


Boxes are the bread and butter for most packaging business and, alongside mailing bags, cartons are the most frequently used packaging product. Here at Network Packaging, we’re always working with customers to make sure the cartons we’re selling meet their specifications and are fit for purpose.

When helping customers design a new box solution, we usually ask them if they know what style of box they need or what it will be used for. If you’re looking for a new carton, it can be helpful to know the most common box styles to help guide your decision…

So what are the most common box styles? 

In our experience, there are 4 box styles we come across frequently:

1. 0201 – this is without a doubt the most common box style in the packaging industry. It’s basically one piece of cardboard with a glued or stitched join and top and bottom flaps. Shipped flat, 0201 boxes are assembled at point of use by taping the flaps together.

2. 0203 – this style is very similar to an 0201 box and is made and assembled in the same way. The only difference is that the box flaps overlap one another. Like an 0201 carton, you need tape this box style shut.

3. 0301 – an 0301 box comprises of two pieces to make one carton – a lid and a bottom tray. The lid will slide over the body of the box – characterising this style as a telescope style box.

4. 0426 / 0427 – these boxes are folder style cartons that are usually made with one piece of cardboard and are often referred to as “pizza style” boxes. When made in this style, the bottom of the box is hinged to form two or all side walls and a lid.

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