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Do you know the true cost of your packaging?

Hidden costs

It might surprise you to learn that 90% of packaging costs are actually hidden. As well as looking at the unit cost of your packaging materials, there are six factors you should consider to obtain your true cost when it comes to packaging:

1. Storage

If you’re keeping your packaging materials in your warehouse, it could be taking up valuable space. Also, if it’s not stored in the best place it could affect the material and be inefficient.

2. Transport

Consider the cost of getting your packaging to you and getting your products where they need to be. When your supply chain is complex, it’s easy not to plan your deliveries efficiently. Not only can this affect throughput and ultimately customer satisfaction, it can affect of your environmental impact.

3. Damages & Returns

When goods get damaged it costs you to put things right.

4. Administration

You could spend more time than you realise on the administration of your packaging orders.

5. Productivity

You could be using packaging materials that aren’t the most efficient for your supply chain.

6. Customer Experience

If your customer isn’t happy with their parcel they might not come back! Plus, word of mouth is the most trusted form of advertising!

Each of these factors could be costing you money, creating waste or impacting your brand. We’re experts in reducing the total cost of packaging, we offer services like stock holding and management that can save you space and we can evaluate your whole supply chain to drive cost and process efficiencies. Call us today on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form to start tackling your total cost of packaging.