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Making packaging more inclusive

Elderly couple shopping from home using the internettear strip box

People are living longer! Consequently, by 2020 it’s predicted that 50% of consumers will be 50+ years old (1). Also, these consumers are expected to be the wealthiest the UK has ever seen, which represents a big opportunity for retailers. While consumers age, their strength to open goods naturally declines (2)… and if your parcel isn’t easy to open, they’re less likely to engage in repeat purchases.

So, if you’re a retailer how can you make packaging more inclusive?

Make Your Packaging Easy to Open 

For people with diminishing strength or mobility problems, struggling to open parcels can be a daily occurrence. Therefore, how can you make your consumers packaging easy to open?

  • First of all, you could use re-sealable labels, like ‘Reseal-It’ from Macfarlane Packaging.
  • Don’t use excess packaging. It could be difficult for them to dispose of.
  • If you’re in eCommerce, add tear strips to boxes and perforations to mailing sacks.
  • Lastly, when click and collect is an option, include carry handles into your packaging design.

Consider Accessibility 

With an aging consumer, you should consider accessibility for people who have disabilities concerning sight or hearing. Adding Braille to your packaging will help improve accessibility and make people with sign disabilities more independent. Also, if you’re printing contact information on your packaging, indicating a telephone loop phone number is a good way to be inclusive of those who are hard of hearing.

If you want help making your packaging user-friendly, call the Network Packaging team on 01902 496666. You can also email us or complete our contact form with your enquiry.

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