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Packaging equipment ideas to help you to maximise space & efficiency

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Packaging equipment ideas to help you to maximise space & efficiency   

 If you’ve visited our blog before, you’ll be familiar with the hidden costs of packaging. One thing that can cost you money is how much space you’re using in your warehouse. By reviewing packaging equipment you could free up space and increase your throughput. So, what options could you consider?


Custom Packing Benches

Packing benches are an essential piece of kit. While stock benches are available, a custom design is your best option if you’re filling an awkward space (1). A good design incorporating functionality and storage will optimise your labour and increase your efficiency.


Overhead Storage Bins / Hoppers

If you’re using bulky paper or inflated void fill in large quantities, overhead storage could help you free up some space.

We can help you build these into packing areas and even make recommendations that integrate them into your void fill delivery systems.



Have you ever thought about how machinery can maximise your space and efficiency? Systems like AIRPlus can integrate several elements of your packing line, including storage for boxes, equipment, and inflation and storage of the air pillow void fill. Not only could this increase your efficiency, it can help free up space! To see a demonstration, click here.

If you’re wrapping pallets, semi-automatic wrapping machines can help speed things up. Manual wrapping can be very labour intensive, so it would be well worth considering this option.


Compact Equipment

 When floor space is an issue in your warehouse, but you want to improve efficiency think about using handheld or table top equipment.

A good example would be battery operated strapping tensioners, which are compact but more efficient than regular manual tensioning tools. If you need void fill on demand, you could look at the Mini Air system from Sealed Air, which is small enough to fit on your workbench.

Are you using our Airsac inflatable packaging? Then our bench buddy kit would be a great addition to your workspace, as it takes up such little room when clipped onto the side of your bench and is a lot quicker than using a hand pump!

Got any questions about ways to maximise space in your packaging operations? Then call us on 01902 496666 to book an appointment with your local representative. You can also email us or complete our contact form to book time with one of our team.