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Meet your local packaging team: Part 4

It’s time for part 4 of our “Meet your local packaging team” series. Up next is Simon Pullen.

Meet Simon Pullen

What territory does your area cover?

I’ve been covering Leicestershire, Warwickshire, Coventry, Derby and Worcestershire for the past 4 years. Tamworth is my most recent undertaking.

When did you join Network Packaging?

6th April 2013, to be precise, so almost 5 years!

Tell us a little more about yourself…

I’ve been in sales in the packaging industry for 30 years. I’m highly experienced in the field and have been successful in building strong relationships with both key accounts and progressive businesses. I am confident in helping companies discover new ideas, processes and product innovations.

Where would we find you hanging out?

Out of ‘suit’ hours I enjoy running and other outdoor pursuits.

What else do you get up to in your spare time?

I’m a keen skier, I love cooking and baking for my family and friends.

What would you say you love most about working with your customers?

If your business is in Simon’s area and you need help with your packaging, you can book an appointment with him! Simply call 01902 496 666, email us or complete our contact form today to book your appointment.