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Are your packages returns ready?

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The IMRG report 74% of customers rate a good returns service as a buying factor, yet only 61% were satisfied with the returns services they were receiving. So, with this in mind, we’re recommending simple ways you can make your packaging returns ready…

  • Use reusable packaging!

First of all, have you ever thought about using packaging that your customers can reuse? This will make the returns process easier and reduce packaging waste, as a result, pleasing your environmentally conscious customer!

  • Add returnable features to your packaging…

Making simple changes, like adding two self seal strips to your mailing bags or boxes can make the returns process quick and easy for the customer. Therefore, this means that they are more likely to engage in repeat buying with you in the future.

  • Clear return instructions & returns labels

Finally, is your returns policy clearly printed on your delivery notes? Offering transparent returns information and pre-printed delivery labels can make your customers’ experience much easier

If you want to make sure your packaging is returns ready, get in touch with Network Packaging to see how we can help. Contact us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form

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