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Packaging in the age of social media

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Packaging in the age of social media

I’m sure you’ve heard that the way we choose to shop is changing. Online sales during Black Friday 2016 hit a new record increasing by 40% since 2016 (1). So, what is influencing this shift, and what should you consider to make sure your packaging keeps up? Did you know 78% of people claim social media also impacts on where they choose to spend their money? (2)

How does social media have an impact?

Bloggers: Word of Mouth

Your packaging, and the customer experience, is a form of advertising. There are billions of us using social media channels (3) and it is becoming increasingly popular for bloggers to air their views about their purchases online. Have you ever looked at reviews of a new product or company before taking the plunge to buy? If your parcel arrives damaged, or your packaging doesn’t look great, it could put other people off buying your product.

Vloggers: Unboxing

Maybe you’ve checked out your favourite bloggers YouTube channel when you’ve been considering splurging on the latest children’s toys, clothes or beauty product? If the packaging you’re using doesn’t fit with your brand or a customer shares a bad experience they’ve had with you, it could drive people to shop elsewhere. With this in mind…

What can you do to make sure your packaging is social media ready?

Your packaging should preserve, protect, inform and help sell your product. So, what essentials should you consider to maximise your growth potential in the age of social media?

Whether your packaging is fit for purpose. It needs to be;

– The right size for the product that you’re shipping
– The right kind for what you’re shipping… your goods need to stay protected
– Have minimal product waste

Whether your packaging is user friendly. It needs to be;

– Easy to open
– Easy to carry, for your click & collect customer

Whether your packaging is returns ready. It needs to be;

– Clearly labelled so that its easy to see how to return items
– Easy to reseal… consider self-seal strips on your boxes or mailing bags

Whether your packaging is ‘Smart’

– If your packaging had its own tracking code, the customer can interact with every stage of their order… creating a unique buying experience. Not only this but it allows for operational efficiencies in your warehouse.

Whether you deliver a memorable buying experience?

Customers always want something different. Whether this means;

– The appearance of your packaging… would it look good on a bloggers camera or a vloggers YouTube review?

– The way you market your brand… are you interacting with your social media followers and does your packaging reflect your brand?
– Gestures. How are you incentivising your customers to come back? Could this be advertised through branded packaging?

Leaving online customers delighted in the buying experience means they will be keen to share their new favourite product on their social networks (1).

If you would like help with making your packaging social media ready, then you can call us on 01902 496666email us or complete our contact form to book a site visit with an expert today.

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