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Packaging essentials for removal companies

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We’re sure you know that moving house is big business. During 2016 there were 3.7 million residential property sales in England and Wales(1), which is a staggering amount.

If you’ve moved house before, you’re bound to understand it can be a stressful experience. Trying to pack your life up can be a monumental task. The risk of your valuables being broken during the move is the last thing you need. That’s why the protective packaging you use is important.

If you work for a removal company, check out our top packaging essentials for  when you’re helping your customers pack…

Our 7 packaging essentials for moving house

  1. Boxes and Tape

You will need to provide your customers with boxes and tape as a minimum – these are the bread and butter of anyone moving house. Good quality double wall boxes are our most popular item for this, as they’re durable and can hold a range of items.

For more specific applications, you can even invest in items like wardrobe boxes, which can be used to hang up your customers’ clothes while in transit.

Plus, having a range of tape and tape dispensers is useful. Basic tape can be used to secure lighter weight goods, however you may want to consider using reinforced tape to secure the bottom of boxes that will carry heavy items.

  1. Bags

Bags can be useful for helping your customers pack up soft furnishings. Items like bedding, clothing, curtains and items that don’t need masses of protection can all be packed in a bag.

  1. Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is a go to for protecting household objects from damage and can be used for packaging a wide range of items. It’s available in large and small size bubbles to suit a number of applications.

  1. Cushioning & Transit Blankets

If you need to offer some items more protection, cushioning like air pillows, paper void fill and even transit blankets are useful. Transit blankets can also help protect surface finishes on larger items, like wardrobes, tables and even pianos.

  1. Edge and Surface Protectors

If you’re moving large furniture cardboard or foam edge protectors and adhesive surfaces protectors are a good choice.  They protect the most fragile parts of furniture and therefore will keep everything intact and ensure the surfaces of your customers’ belongings don’t get scratched.

  1. Hand Stretch Film

Stretch film is great if you need to collate loose items or bundle them together. Mini rolls of film and dispensers are available so you can keep it on hand and use on site.

  1. Safety Equipment

Finally, it’s important that you consider the safety of your removal workers. Therefore safety equipment like lifting harnesses and safety boots are essential. They will help lower the risk of injuries and make it easier to move large items.

So, need help choosing your packaging essentials?

If you’d like some expert advice, you can book some time with our team who can help you select the best packaging for your removals business. Simply call us today on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form.


(1) Office for National Statistics