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Why is packaging so important for your brand?

Protect Brand

From low pricing through to offering exclusive products in a particular market or using guerrilla marketing tactics there are lots of ways a brand might try and make itself stand out from the crowd. If you’re trying to differentiate your business – have you ever considered packaging?

Packaging has 5 main functions, which can be used to help you distinguish your brand from other businesses competing in your market…

  1. Storage – packaging stores your products and can help extend shelf life. Plus packaging can facilitate physical storage in your warehouse too
  2. Protection – packaging protects your goods during transit and can help ensure quality, giving the end consumer a great experience
  3. Use – packaging can help facilitate use of your product. For example you can illustrate how to use it on the box
  4. Image – packaging can help create an image for the product through visual impact and quality of design
  5. Promotion – packaging helps promote the products through eye-catching colours and shapes, plus you can include call to actions that encourage interaction with your brand

If you want to give your packaging the WOW factor, talk to Network Packaging to see how we can help. We’re specialists in bespoke packaging design, so challenge us to develop a solution for you! 

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