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Packaging that keeps up with 2019 delivery trends

Is your packaging fit to keep up with the latest delivery trends? The IMRG is reporting that the delivery trends for 2019 will include:

  • Subscription services
  • Serial returns
  • Greener delivery processes
  • Convenience

So, how will these delivery trends affect your packaging operation?

Subscription services

More and more people are turning to subscription services. Whether you’re buying a monthly beauty box or simply signing up, so your dog food is delivered one a month – these sorts of deliveries are becoming more common, as they’re incredibly convenient.

If your business offers a subscription service, you’ll need to make sure your packaging can keep up. There are a few ways you can approach this.

  • If you’re selling a specific subscription service – you can decide on your packaging and fit the goods in the same kind of box or bag, each month. Example of this approach are the likes of Birch Box and the Craft Gin Club who use the same style packaging each month but change the box content.


  • If you offer subscriptions service across a range of products – keeping an eye on subscription trends will be key. Initially, match your packaging to your key subscription lines, to ensure these are always catered for. Then you may operate a just in time approach for packaging on other lines, so you’re minimising your stock risk.

Serial returns

Returns cost the retail industry around £7bn in 2018 and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The try before you buy culture that’s emerged means that returns ready packaging is more important than ever.

Refining your packaging and processes will be important, as the longer stock is in a state of limbo, the longer you’re using money. And, reverse logistics can impact negatively on the environment too.

Using packing materials that contain clear returns information and offering a second sealing strip in your boxes and bags will make it easier for your customers. Plus, you might want to consider a dedicated returns re-work area in your warehouse to re-work stock efficiently!

Greener delivery practices

You’re bound to have noticed all the talk about the environment recently. Delivery services won’t escape this trend, with many companies investigating greener delivery practices.

Packaging will go hand in hand with this. Start thinking about sustainable materials or re-usable packaging. Look at our Packaging Trends for 2019 blog for more information.


It should come as no surprise to you that consumers are demanding yet more convenient delivery options. People want specific delivery slots, teamed with clear and transparent communication regarding their package.

So, if you’re shipping letter-boxable goods, make sure you can achieve one-time delivery with appropriate packaging. No one wants to go back to the dreaded “Sorry we missed you card”.

If you’re aiming for next or same day deliveries, you could be fulfilling from local store stock. Therefore, you might need each of your stores to include a small packing area with appropriate packing materials. This ensures your customer experience remains seamless – whether the goods come room your warehouse or store.

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