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Packaging trends to make your brand stand out!

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Customer experience is an integral part of a company’s brand these days. So, if you want your brand to stand out you have to catch the eye of ever demanding consumers!

Emotions and impressions both impact the customer experience and packaging can positively (or negatively!) influence this. Human senses all have a role to play from how packaging looks through to how it feels when consumers hold it in their hands… When you look at your packaging, does it pass the first-impressions test?

Our packaging experts have taken a look at the latest packaging trends and suggested several options that you can use to give your packaging the WOW-factor:

Contemplate custom lettering

Packaging can be printed in all sorts of colours and shapes. Investing in custom lettering for your brand could help customers take notice.

Embrace bold colour

Don’t be afraid to use bright colours to make your packaging shine. Our experts can advise you on the materials and colours that will give the best colour payoff.

Consider personalisation

Personalising packaging offers a unique experience and creates brand intimacy. While this seems hard to achieve, personalisation can be accomplished with a handwritten note inserted into packs. Also, a great touch if you really want to make your customers feel special.

Experiment with unique die cuts

Also, using unique die cuts on internal box or postal wrap flaps can offer customers an enhanced experience when they open their parcels and embed your branding or product message into your packaging.

So, if you want to make your eCommerce experience stand out book an appointment with one of our packaging experts today. Call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form


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