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Packaging for the vitamin and supplement market

It’s important to stay healthy, right? I’m sure we’ve all been there, wanting to look and feel our best – and you’re not alone. Mintel has reported that 46% of Brits are now daily users of vitamins and supplements (2).

Have you ever ordered supplements online? With the sports nutrition market growing rapidly – by at least 27% between 2013- 2015 (1), there’s a large number of packages making their way through the courier networks. If you’re a retailer in this industry, have you ever considered the best transit packaging for your products?

Temperature control

If you’re shipping perishable or temperature sensitive items out in the UK or further afield, you’ll need to invest in temperature control packaging. Foil lined bags and gel packs are commonly used packaging solutions that keep your products at their best longest. Dry ice, another temperature control solution, is used by customers shipping more hazardous items or for distributing multiple parcels when a dedicated temperature control vehicle is not appropriate. You can read more about this here. (5)

Heat sealing 

When it comes to liquid supplements, you can be faced with a dilemma if you’re popping it in a parcel with other goods. What if the liquid spills and ruins other items? Our solution, a heat sealed Airsac, protects your products from becoming broken or spoiled. Click below for a demonstration of our inflatable packaging solution;

Invest in a core box range

Now your goods are adequately protected we need something to put them in! A core range of boxes that allows your products, from protein tubs to multivitamins, to be packed together will reduce cost. This can also release space in your warehouse and ensures that money is not tied up in stock.

Alternatively, you can reduce labour intensive workstations by many means, crash lock boxes being just one innovative solution. The base of the box is automatically formed when unfolding, meaning less time is spent on preparing your packaging. A clever way to speed up your pick and pack operations. This could come in handy as the demand for supplements is ever-increasing, with an estimated value of £670m in 2016 (3).  

For firms shipping in high volume, automated case makers are an option. Again, this will help speed up the packaging operation and increase efficiency across the board. For more information on this click here. (4).


If you are a vitamin and supplement retailer, or are just interested in seeing any of these packaging solutions, get in touch with one of our specialists. Call 01902 496666email us or complete our contact form to book your free packaging review today!



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