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Quick win packaging solutions to increase your productivity

How quickly you’re able to collate, assemble and pack your products is an important part of an optimised supply chain. And increasing the productivity of your packing operation has lots of advantages. You’ll be dispatching your product more rapidly, saving time and reducing your costs.

Whilst it is important to review your supply chain for bottlenecks regularly, you sometimes need a quick win! To help you improve your productivity in a snap, we’ve suggested a range of packaging solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily…

Introduce compact automated solutions

Packaging automation doesn’t always have to be large scale. You can automate processes such as taping, strapping and void fill with compact tabletop or hand-held machines.

A great example is a water activated paper tape machine, which can be installed quickly and at little cost. Using a system like this will reduce handling, optimise your material use, reduce waste, and ensure your packers can work swiftly.

Swap to crash lock boxes

Assembly and sealing of boxes can often take over 60% of your pack time. So, swapping to boxes with a crash lock base can speed up your assembly time and eliminate the need to seal the box base – another time saver.

Use corrugated pick bins to re-organise your pack area  

If your packers are struggling to find what they need, your pack times will increase. Quickly re-organising your packing area with temporary corrugated or Correx pick bins can help speed up your packing processes.

Adapting your warehouse layout this way is a particularly great quick fix when you’re experiencing a surge in demand.

Consolidate your packaging range

A smaller range of packaging materials will mean your packers spend less time deciding which items to use. The time they save will enable them to pack more product, more rapidly.

Using a consolidated packaging range can also help you reduce waste, save space, lower costs and limit your packaging admin.

For help optimising your packing productivity, email to book a free consultation.