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How to reduce your packaging admin

If you’ve visited our blog before, you may have noticed that we talk a lot about the true cost of your packaging.

Whilst you might think that the unit price you pay is what your packaging costs, there’s a lot more behind it.

What contributes to the true cost of your packaging?

Six key factors make up the actual cost of your packaging, including:

  • Storage
  • Transport and logistics
  • Damages and returns
  • Administration
  • Productivity
  • Customer experience

This week, we’re looking at ways you can aim to reduce your packaging admin. Having your packaging where you need it, when you need it will save you valuable time and give you the ability to reallocate resources and cut costs.

So, what can you do to reduce your packaging admin?

Review your supply base

If you’re buying your packaging from a multitude of different suppliers, it’s likely that you’re also spending time chasing lots of different people.

By using one packaging distributor who can fulfil all your needs, you can drastically cut the time you spend chasing orders. This will free up your time or enable you to reduce labour costs. Our service also includes sourcing from over 600 global suppliers – so you’ll get exactly the packaging you need too!

Rationalise your packaging range

Are you sure you’re using the right packaging? You might be using a massive range of packaging products but only need three or four different lines.
If you’re using a simplified range of packaging, your admin will be easier. Rationalising your packaging range could also help you save money and reduce your waste – winning all round!

Forecast your packaging use

Having accurate forecasts of your packaging usage will help you and your suppliers immensely.

This is one of the key things we work on with our new and existing customers throughout the year! It minimises the chance that you’ll run out of packaging stock, eliminating your down time and associated administration.

Use a stock management service

Do you have time to check the packaging stock you’re holding in your warehouse?  If not, you should use a stock management service, like the one we offer. Our representatives make weekly visits to do on-site stock checks for many of our customers – so it’s a hassle-free process and no internal admin is required!

Plus, we can stock hold for you, so you can release valuable space too. Learn more by clicking here.

Get the help you need to reduce your packaging admin

Our team can review your packaging, so you can start reducing your packaging admin. Book a review now by calling 01902 496 666, emailing us or completing our contact form.