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How safe and secure are your parcels?

tamper evident tapetamper clips

In every industry, be it Internet Retail, fashion, manufacturing or even medical research, you want your goods to get to their end destination safely and securely. You can help enhance the security and safety of the parcels you’re shipping by following these tips:

  • Do not state contents on the outer packaging
  • Clearly state recipient and sender information
  • Protect sharp or odd edges with cushioning or padding
  • Don’t let fragile items touch other goods or the sides of their container
  • Seal all openings securely

In addition to following this advice, you can also use tamper evident and safety augmenting packaging materials to secure your parcels. Here are three examples of packaging goods that can improve your packaging security…

Tamper evident tape and labels

This kind of tape and labels leave behind a security warning that clearly shows goods may have been interfered with, providing a clear visual deterrent.

Tamper proof boxes

Your boxes can be designed to offer enhanced security in transit. Features such as flat bottoms, tamper evident seal strips and security folds can all minimise tampering.

Bag security clips & ties

If you’re using mailing bags, you can use tamper evident bag clips or security ties

In conclusion, if you’re concerned about the safety of your packaging and need some advice, let Network Packaging help. Call us today on 01902 496666email us or complete our contact form with your enquiry and we’ll develop a solution that’s right for your business.