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Supporting your safety with social distancing products

We know that the safety of your staff and customers will be a priority whilst social distancing guidelines remain in place. To help you, our customers, adjust to this “new normal”, we have a range of suitable products available…

Make appropriate distancing clear with floor marking tapes, stickers and shields

We’ve all become accustomed to staying apart in supermarket queues, but visual reminders are important. Two metres is further than you think! By using floor marking tape, stickers and standing corrugated shields you’ll have clear visual cues in place for your staff.

You can buy our floor marking tape in plain or printed options and a variety of colours. You can also choose from a a number of designs when it comes to our floor stickers, including handy one way arrows and two metre distance signs. Corrugated shields are a low-cost option to make sure safe distances are maintained in the workplace. Plus, when no longer needed they can be easily recycled.

Divide space safely with antiseptic room separators

To make distancing easier in open spaces, antiseptic room separators offer a quick and easy solution. You can opt for as little as one unit or buy multiple separators, depending on the size of the area you’re looking to safely distance.

Secure individual work spaces with Perspex desk screens

For individual work spaces, we offer several clear Perspex screen options including full wrap around options or single sheet shields depending on your workspace. By using these screens you will offer peace of mind to your staff when they work on site and enable them to safely communicate with and be seen by their colleagues.

Hand sanitiser that gives back to the NHS

Another “new normal” many of us are now used to is prioritising hand cleanliness (even more than usual). Quick access throughout the work place to hand sanitising stations will enable your staff and customers to maintain hand hygiene. We offer hand sanitiser in 100ml, 500ml and 5L sizes.

If you make a  purchase from our sanitiser range you’ll be supporting the essential work of the NHS.  We’re giving 25% of any profits from hand sanitiser sales back to NHS Charities.

For help with any of our social distancing products call us on 01902 496 666 or email