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Tape dispensing solutions for all budgets

tape dispensing solutions

If you’re using any kind of packaging, the chances are you’re using tape to seal it. To make sure your packing operation is as efficient as possible, it’s important to have the right equipment. And that includes the right tape dispensing option.

The good news is, there are tape dispensing solutions for all budgets. From completely manual solutions through to in-line taping equipment here are some of the options that you can choose from…

Low-cost sealing options

The most budget friendly tape dispensing solutions are basic, manual dispensers. Our most popular model is handheld and can hold rolls that are either 48mm or 75mm and are under £10.

These kinds of handheld dispensers are generally used with regular plastic tape but can be used with self-adhesive paper tape too.

If you’re using water activate paper tape, you can get a basic and cost-effective manual tabletop dispenser which retails for under £100.

Mid-range dispensers

If you need a tape dispensing solution that helps boost productivity and improve throughput, there are some midrange manual and automatic options available to you.

The Xtegra Tegrabond BP222 is a recent addition to the sealing solutions we can offer. It’s a hands free and power free dispensing option for water activated paper tape.

Its lightweight and portable, so it’s suited to small or home businesses or low-volume shipping environments.

If your business has a higher volume requirement, the BP500 model we offer is a higher capacity electronic tape dispenser that will provide efficient and easily-controlled dispensing. It takes up minimal space, enables you to set dispensing lengths and will output a speedy 1.14m per second.

Both options are under £1,000.

Fully automatic solutions

Like many packaging processes, sealing can be completely automated. For the most demanding environments, in-line taping can optimise productivity. Solutions are available for taping the top and bottom of boxes or both at the same time.

In Line Tape Dispenser

The Robotape 50 CFA is a side belt driven taping machine that automatically folds the flaps for sealing. Motorised conveyor belts lined with gripping technology ensure consistent taping for varying size boxes every time. Price on request.

If you’d like advice about choosing the right tape dispensing solution for your business and budget, email or complete our contact form.