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The top 5 advantages of reviewing your stretch film

Stretch Film Machine

Whilst your stretch film might seem like a straight forward packaging product, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye!

We bet that most of the time, you just look at how much you’re paying for a roll of stretch film.

On face value, you might think you’re getting the best deal if you get a cheaper roll price – yet there’s lots more you should consider.

For example, you might be using an expensive, high specification stretch film but might not need to. Instead, you could swap to a lower micron, intelligently engineered film to make savings. But, how do you know you’re using the right film? With one of our free-of-charge stretch film health checks!

What does our stretch film health check involve?

Our professional analysis can help you get the most out of your stretch film. When we complete our health check, you can expect us to review:

  • The amount of film you’re using
  • How effectively your film stretches
  • How much it currently costs you to wrap a pallet
  • The current tension of your film & pallet load stability
  • The specification of the film you’re using & your current application method

Once we’ve evaluated all the information, we’ll recommend the stretch film and/or equipment that will work best for your business. Using our analysis, we’ll evidence how our recommendation can offer lots of different advantages.

So, what advantages can you expect if you book a stretch film health check?

1) Save money
We’ve helped customers save up to 56% of their stretch film spend by recommending innovations, like our 12-micron power pre-stretch machine wrap

2) Improve production efficiency
If you use fit-for-purpose stretch film that’s been applied properly, you’ll get more pallets wrapped per hour and your staff will spend less time changing rolls. Plus, you’ll need less deliveries, so handling time is massively reduced

3) Save space
As you’ll be getting the maximum yield from your stretch wrap, you’ll need less rolls. So, you’ll be able to release valuable space in your warehouse

4) Minimise your waste
Using less product, means you’re producing less waste. This is great from an environmental perspective and will help you reduce your packaging waste tax

5) Meet your environmental goals  
As you’ll be using less film, your deliveries to customers and our deliveries to you will weigh less, so your carbon footprint is minimised

Find out if your stretch film is healthy for your business

To book your free stretch film health check email or complete our contact form today!