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Thinking about going green with your packaging?

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5There’s an increasing focus on businesses becoming more eco-friendly and ensuring they’re minimising their impact on the environment. With consumers becoming increasingly environmentally aware and recent updates in Government regulations (such as packaging waste liability guidelines and the plastic bag tax), it’s important that companies start reviewing their packaging with greener intentions in mind…

Can going green be cost effective?

According to recent studies, the answer is yes! Not only will going green enhance customer perception and loyalty, it can also help businesses save money too. DEFRA estimates that UK business could save £23 billion by becoming more resource efficient, so it makes financial sense to take action.

How can you make your packaging more environmentally friendly?

Minimise your packaging lines – by reducing the amount of packaging you’re using, you’ll automatically produce less waste. For example, introducing multi-use cartons or fittings could save space, money and minimise your environmental impact. Reviewing the yield of products such as tape and void fill can also contribute to resource efficiency.

Use eco-friendly packaging materials – introducing high recycled content or recyclable packaging products will enhance your green credentials. Paper based packaging is a traditional, sustainable choice; however other products such as biodegradable air bags and starch based foam chips are emerging to offer businesses more diverse choice when it comes to green packaging.

Introduce reusable packaging – reusing packaging will deliver cost and space saving benefits, as well as reduce packaging waste and improve sustainability in the supply chain. Materials that customer can reuse, such as Airsac inflatable packaging, can also contribute to environmental efficiency.

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