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Three easy eco-friendly packaging swaps

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Improving the sustainability of your business can seem challenging. Especially when you have your whole supply chain to consider.  So, why not start by reviewing your packaging?

When designed and used effectively, the right packaging can help you reduce waste, improve your sustainability, and lower your carbon footprint.

To help you get going, our team of packaging experts have suggested three easy eco-friendly packaging swaps…

Switch from plastic tape to paper tape

Using self-adhesive or water activated paper tape is possibly the simplest and quickest sustainable packaging swap you can make. Paper is a renewable resource, and the material can be recycled.

Our self-adhesive paper tape works with a regular tape gun, so it can often be switched straight into your operation instead of traditional plastic tape.

Water activated paper tape uses dispensers that control tape lengths. This reduces your material waste and improves pack appearance, in addition to the tape material being recyclable. Win-win!

Swap to recycled content bubble wrap or stretch film

Two of the most common packaging plastic packaging materials are bubble wrap and stretch film. Both these packing commodities still have a vital role to play in many supply chains. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sustainability!

We now stock recycled content bubble wrap and stretch film as standard. Both of our ranges use at least 30% recycled material, so they’re exempt from the incoming plastic packaging levy. Plus, using recycled content packaging is a great way to reduce your impact on the environment. Click here to learn why.

Choose paper mailing bags to ship your products

If you’re currently using either plastic mailing bags or bubble lined envelopes to post your products you could consider these swaps to become more sustainable:

  • Enviroflute® padded paper envelopes – these mailers are made from 95% FSC certified paper with a special waterproof coating. They’re fully kerbside recyclable and are available in 10 different sizes. Click to find out more.
  • Paper mailing bags – a direct swap for traditional plastic mailers, our paper mailing bag range is available in four stock sizes. They have a self-seal strip, so there’s no need to use tape and a built in tear strip means they’re easy to open.

Take our Steps to Sustainability!

Ask us about how we can help you become a more sustainable business through your packaging materials with our Steps to Sustainability. Simply email