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Unboxing Survey 2019 : What did we learn?

Macfarlane Packaging, our parent company, has announced the results from their fourth annual Unboxing Survey. Over 2000 consumers got in touch to share their thoughts about the packaging they’re receiving when they shop online.

So, what have we learnt?

  • Nearly 40% of packaging is considered not environmentally friendly by consumers
  • Amost 1/3 consumers are likely to pay more for sustainable or environmentally friendly  packaging
  • Over 90% of packaging was easy to open
  • More than 30% consumers thought packaging was too big for their purchase

The survey also looks at key industries such as Fashion, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty and, Food & Drink.

Whilst the amount of packaging used for Fashion shipments was considered low, 54% of consumers perceived it as not environmentally friendly. Home & Garden packaging was also seen this way and almost 40% of consumers believed companies in this sector used too much packaging. Retailers in the Health & Beauty category are leading the way in terms of recyclable materials but over half of respondents thought the packaging was too big in relation to the size of the items they bought. Damaged in transit were significantly lower compared to previous years too – with just 7% of respondents saying parcels and their contents came damaged.

Overall, the results from the 2019 Unboxing Survey tell us that consumers feel strongly about the environmental aspect of their packaging and that retailers will need to move to more sustainable packaging models.

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