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What makes the perfect cosmetics transit pack?

Storopack AirPlus Cushion

If you work in beauty, you’ll know that online sales in the industry have grown 35.7% (1). By 2022, online sales of skincare and cosmetics are expected to grow a further 65% (2).

Due to this growth, you’ll want to future-proof your supply chain can cope, and your packaging can play a big part in this.

We’ve had a chat in the office, and the beauty enthusiasts and packaging experts amongst us have put together some recommendations about what makes the perfect cosmetics transit pack…

1. Use packaging that cushions your products

You’ll know that cosmetics can be fragile – especially pressed powders like eyeshadows and highlight.

We always recommend that beauty products are packed with shock absorbing paper cushioning, which will distribute any impacts in transit. Alternatively, you could check out inflatable cushioning. We like Storopack’s PAPERplus Classic and AIRplus Cushion products for this.

For sturdier items, like bottles of fragrance or application tools, you could use void fill rather than cushioning. One of our favourites is Greenlight’s Opus Air Bio void fill, which is biodegradable.

2. Stand out in a competitive market

In a sector that’s becoming hyper-competitive, you need to stand out. Brands like ASOS, which have carefully crafted their identity. This includes their packaging! It pays dividends as their deliveries are now easily recognisable. So, how do you make your brand stand out?

Branding your outer packaging is a must and double-sided print boxes will really impress your customers. You could even brand your internal packaging. Lots of cushioning can be branded, including the Storopack AIRPlus range we mentioned earlier.

Alternatively, if you’re a luxury brand, printed tissue and ribbon are ideal finishing touches to your pack. Remember, great looking packaging will complement your products too!

3. Make your packaging delivery friendly

To future-proof your packaging you should make sure its delivery friendly. If your products allow it, make your packaging letter boxable – so your customers don’t come back to the dreaded “sorry we missed you” card. No one wants to wait to get their hands on their beauty products!

Don’t forget that all your packaging should be easy to open too. We also recommend that you provide clear delivery and returns information in side your pack.

What else should you consider?

If you’re a pureplay beauty retailer, you can tailor your packaging specifically to your range of cosmetics and skincare. This enable you to condense your packaging lines and help you reduce costs.

In contrast, if you’re selling goods from a wide cross-section of departments (think the likes of Amazon), your packaging will to need to be more flexible to accommodate this.

As it’s likely that you’ll be operating a multi-pick operation with a variety of different beauty products on offer, considering how different goods may interact in transit is essential. Packing smaller or more fragile items in bubble bags can stop them rummaging around and getting bashed.

Help from the packaging experts

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