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When should you choose packaging automation?

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Productivity in the workplace is often the key to success. Keeping up with demand means you’re effectively selling your products and meeting customer requirements. But how do you keep up with growth plans or surges in demand?

Investing in your operation can mean spending on IT infrastructure or staff training, but what about your pack line? Where you pick, pack, and ship your product is critical and can often be a pressure point. This means that choosing the right packaging solutions and equipment is important.

Opting for packaging automation is a great way to ensure productivity. But, deciding whether you need to invest in packaging automation can be tricky because it can often be viewed as expensive. So, why should you opt for automated packaging machinery?

How packaging automation can benefit your business

Automation can dramatically improve the productivity of all areas of your packaging operation, from packing itself to areas like storage and transport. It can also provide environmental benefits and even helps to improve the customer experience.

By using packaging automation solutions, you can:

  • Improve productivity & control
  • Save on storage space
  • Reduce material waste
  • Minimise transport costs
  • Optimise product protection
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Control labour costs & resources

Whilst some automatic packaging systems might seem like a big investment, you could see a return on this pretty quickly. The cost savings generated by the benefits of automation mean you’ll recoup the money you spend on packaging machinery within a 1-to-2-year time frame, but it could be even sooner. Yes, there is an initial cost for packaging automation, but it can futureproof your business and ensure you can cope with growth plans.

Signs that could indicate your business is ready for packaging automation

So, how do you know if your business is ready for packaging automation? Here are some signs that could indicate now is the time to invest in automatic packaging:

  • Your packaging is increasingly taking up room in your warehouse
  • You continually need to hire new staff for your production and/or packing line
  • Your packs produced per hour isn’t increasing in line with demand
  • Your business is creating increasing levels of packaging waste
  • You experience an uplift in customer complaints about damaged goods (if demand is too high, packing quality could be less reliable)
  • Your team morale in packing areas may be lower due to increased workload

Help with packaging automation

We can help you choose the packaging automation solutions that will work for your business. To ask us for help, email or complete our contact form.