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Why should you choose paper packaging?

Are you thinking about switching some of your protective packaging from plastic based products to paper? The pressure is on to go green and protect the environment. Therefore, lots of businesses are looking at ways to make their supply chains more sustainable. Reviewing your packaging is a great place to start!

So, why should you switch to paper packaging?

  1. It’s made from a sustainable resource

By far, one of the most significant reasons to choose paper packaging is that it’s made from a sustainable resource – trees. They can be re-planted, so the environment doesn’t suffer.

Plus, if you buy packaging that’s from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources, you can be confident your materials are responsibly sourced.

  1. It’s recyclable & biodegradable

Paper is one of the most widely recycled materials here in the UK. In fact, over 70% of the material used to make cardboard in our country from recovered paper. Waste paper is also often exported for other countries to recycle too.

It’s easy for end users to recycle paper here in the UK too, with most local authorities accepting “clean” paper (like newspapers, cardboard boxes, and magazines) during curbside collections. Plus, a large proportion of paper packaging can be composted too – as it’s biodegradable.

  1. It’s welcomed by consumers

In a recent survey by Two Sides, paper and cardboard were voted the most preferred packaging material amongst UK adults for environmental-friendliness. With 71% of consumers concerned that packaging in general is bad for the environment, it’s not surprising that almost 80% of them liked paper because it’s biodegradable.

So, paper can boost your brand credentials in addition to keeping your business green!

  1. It offers great protection for your products

On top of all the great environmental advantages paper packaging offers, it still offers great protection for your products.

A fab example is Geami WrapPak heavy duty expanding paper packaging. You’ll get 200% more protection than if you use large bubble wrap to cushion items in transit or as void fill.

Support switching to paper packaging

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