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Why packaging should be on your marketing agenda

Whatever industry you’re working in, you’ll be aware that finding new ways to cut through hyper-competitive marketplaces is getting harder.

Traditional marketing strategies are increasingly difficult to implement successfully due to numerous factors like GDPR.

Plus, you may be under pressure to make savings or use alternative ideas. So, have you given much thought to your brand’s packaging recently?

Considering packaging and your brand

You might have pulled a little face just now. Packaging (especially plastic) is getting a bit of a bad rep in the press lately, so why should you put it on your marketing agenda?

Yes, packaging does need to clean up it’s environmental act. But it’s an essential tool that should always be on your marketing agenda.

Nielsen recently described packaging design as the “dark horse” of the marketing world. It receives little attention compared to other marketing levers, but it’s vastly underestimated. In fact, innovative packaging designs can help you generate 5.5% more revenue compared to traditional designs.

Packaging can also help you enhance your brand recognition, impact your customers’ purchasing decisions and enhancing your customer loyalty.

The impact of custom packaging

Here are just a few of the ways custom packaging can help you enhance your brand and business success:

Make personal connections & start conversations – unique or innovative packaging can help you start conversations with your target audience. Custom packaging can even create personal connections – deepening the relationship between you and your customers

Brand extension, identity & recall – well-designed packaging offers a host of brand benefits. Ensuring your branding is consistent helps with brand extension. Stand out packaging also helps with brand recall, as well as influencing purchasing preferences of consumers

Overcome communication challenges – packaging helps you communicate your brand’s message. You might not be able to address certain challenges through regular media, but your packaging could be away round that

Support your brand’s causes – your packaging can champion your brand’s causes. From the materials you use through to the messages you print on it, you can use packaging to underpin your social responsibilities

Customer loyalty – fit for purpose packaging that gets the job done the first time will go along way in boosting your brand loyalty. Over 40% of consumers are more likely to buy again from brands that offer premium packaging

Put packaging on your marketing agenda

Don’t shy away from packaging. Put it on your marketing agenda today. Speak to our team for packaging advice, call 01902 496 666 or complete our contact form.