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4 Alternative Eco-Friendly packaging solutions

RestoreEcoFlo Chips

Following our recent stint at Packaging Innovations 2016, we were inspired by all of the new packaging we’d seen, so we wanted to share some alternative Eco-friendly packaging options with you.

As well as benefiting the environment, Eco-friendly packaging can also benefit your business. You can see some of the reasons to go green with your packaging by reading our previous blog here.

So, if you have made the decision to go green with your packing materials, here are four solutions you might like to consider…

1. Starch based foam chipsfoam chips have long been used as void fill and now they’re available in a biodegradable option. Made from a maize based starch, these foam chips are completely recyclable and are soluble when mixed with water, so long term there’s less litter and wastage.

2. Restore™ by Sealed Air – this is packaging that’s grown – not made! Composed from agricultural by-products mixed with mushroom based material, Restore™ is completely home compostable and sustainable.

3. Geami WrapPak® from RanPak – if you need to protect goods, Geami WrapPak® is a great Eco-friendly option. Made from expanding paper lined with tissue, it will cushion in transit and is made from sustainable and recyclable materials. Learn more here.

4. Coconut Fibre Packaging – a new invention spotted at this year’s Packaging Innovations show, was packaging moulded from coconut fibres. Coconut fibre, whilst very strong, is very elastic so can be formed into different shapes. Coconut fibre is also a natural by-product from the food industry, so channelling the material into packaging means less environmental waste.

If any of these packaging options have caught your eye, get in touch with the Network Packaging team to find out more. Call us today on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form!


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