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4 issues facing the retail supply chain

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As the supply chain becoming complex, multi-channel retailers are facing new challenges. So, here are 4 challenges and recommendations on what packaging can support you through them…

1. Brexit 

A hot topic in the UK is the landmark move to leave the EU. Especially relevant as we’ve seen decreases in the value of the Pound against the Dollar and Euro, which will start to impact your supply chain particularly if your business is importing goods.

While it’s likely that raw material prices in the packaging industry will be affected, there are ways you can ease the impact of Brexit on your supply chain. We can look at lower cost alternatives, change box designs and help you assess the true cost of packaging to see where savings can be made.

2. Operational Inefficiency 

Most of all, managing the complexity of multi-channel supply chains is one of the hardest things a retailer can do. However, building an optimised and collaborative supply chain is essential to stay ahead of your competition and packaging plays an integral part of enhancing efficiency.

We can work with eCommerce and third party logistics (3PL) customers to design packaging solutions that improve productivity, alleviate bottlenecks and help enhance the consumer experience.

3. The Digital Age & Trend Responsiveness 

Digital technology continues to influence how demanding consumers are, and it’s impacting the way we do business. Most of all, expectations of the omni-channel retailer are heightening… consumers want a wide range of goods available at their fingertips. Also, they want their shopping to arrive in the right packaging at a time to suit them.

We’re experts in helping our customers design bespoke packaging that offers customers the WOW factor. Therefore, our team can help you generate ideas that link technology to packaging, driving engagement and interaction with your customers.

4. Sustainability

Globally consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious; this means that retailers need to align their supply chain with green practices. Sealed Air CEO Ken Chrisman cites that environmentally friendly practices are one of the biggest issues facing modern supply chains and simply recycling will no longer be good enough.

From packaging material recyclability through to protecting goods to minimise reverse logistic impact, packaging can play an integral part in the supply chain. Damages in transit can mean a poor customer experience, plus higher CO2 impact if goods need to be returned. Excessive packaging is another wasteful practice that can be eliminated and help improve sustainability. By getting your packaging right, you can put your firm on the path to being truly environmentally friendly.

Need help with these challenges?

If you’re facing any of these challenges, get in touch with us and ask about our Smartpack service. Smartpack is our team dedicated to working with eCommerce and 3PL to develop supply chain enhancing packaging solutions. Call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form to see how we can help you today.