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4 simple ways to speed up your packing process

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Whether you’re a small business or a large multi-channel retailer, there’s always pressure to improve your processes, speed up your packing and control costs.

2015 will be no exception – it’s set to be another bumper year with savvy shoppers looking to score deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s why we’ve outlined a few simple ways you can speed up you packing operation…

  • Crash lock boxes – with pre-glued base flaps that lock into place, packing time can be reduced by up to a 1/3 – meaning you can increase your pack line efficiency
  • Automated tape dispensers – these can help shave time off your packing process and regulate tape usage, meaning you can control costs too –  click here to read a case study
  • Airsac inflatable packaging – our protective packaging Airsac inflates in seconds, saving time and providing you with a consistent pack size, helping manage logistics costs – click here to view a short Airsac video
  • Easy to reach packing materials – storing your packaging within easy reach of pack stations may sound simple but it can drastically cut the time packers spend away from their stations, helping boost productivity

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