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Can you make your packaging more sustainable?

Eco Friendly Packaging

This year, the shift towards firms making their packaging more sustainable is set to continue. With retail giants such as Sainsbury’s* and Unilever** looking to reduce packaging use and enhance recycling in the supply chain, and consumers becoming more environmentally aware, the pressure is on to make sure your packing operation is having less impact on the planet. Therefore, here are three ways you can shift your packing operation towards long term sustainability…

1. A Fit for Purpose Pack

When your packaging is fit for purpose, not only does it improve efficiency, it can help you reduce waste. You’re bound to have had a parcel where there’s loads of bubble wrap inside or a box that’s far too big for the product. There really is a “right” amount of packaging and we can help you find it…

2. Using Recyclable and Sustainable Materials 

A great step towards becoming more sustainable is using recycled or eco-friendly packaging materials. From simply swapping your void fill to a biodegradable option through to using recycled content cardboard for your boxes, there are lots of different options you can choose from to go green. (If this idea has caught your eye, check out our blog about 4 environmentally friendly packaging alternatives)

3. Introduce Lightweight or Less Bulky Packaging 

Reducing the weight of the packaging you’re using can help minimise CO2 emissions. For example, you could look at reducing the board grade of your boxes to lower the weight.  Alternatively, you could use something like Airsac inflatable to minimise space needed during transport, reducing the amount of vehicles needed to transport it.

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