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Challenges facing eCommerce retailers in 2017 and beyond

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What does the future hold for eCommerce retailers? While 2016 alone saw consumers spend 16% more than 2015, the trend is set to continue as more shoppers turn to mobile platforms to make purchases on the go (2, 3). Here are 3 challenges that internet retailers will continue to face in 2017 and beyond…

Packing more parcels, more rapidly.

High demand means retailers need to pack more parcels in tighter timescales (4). Have you ever thought about using automated bagging and boxing solutions ? They could help speed up throughput and take away stress from packers. However, when you don’t have room for machinery… using the right packaging will be crucial in helping packers get goods out of the door.

Creating best in class delivery experiences. 

The pressure is on for eCommerce retailers to begin improving the online experience. During peak 2016, delayed deliveries are estimated to have cost retailers £3bn(5), so if you work in internet retail, it might be time to review your logistics and courier partners. Real-time tracking and tracing of parcels will also become the norm, and using intelligent print on your packaging can be a great way to help improve traceability. Giving customers a choice in their packaging, as well as delivery service can also enhance the experience.

Doing more with less. 

Sustainability continues to be the word on everyone’s lips, therefore, retailers are challenged to create an experience that does more with less. There are now more sustainable packaging options available than ever! Also, packaging experts like our Smartpack team here at Network, can help develop solutions especially for eCommerce retailers.

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