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How to optimise your delivery experience

Recent research from the IMRG suggests that a good delivery proposition can help enhance your brand perception and customer loyalty. Currently, UK consumers show steady satisfaction with retailer delivery services. This is because improvements have been implemented parallel to customer expectations increasing.

However, if you work in internet or multi-channel retail, you’ll know that as the digital landscape advances rapidly, it’s getting harder to keep up with consumer demands – especially when it comes to delivery.

So, what deliver factors still matter to your consumers?

  • Cost – this remains a key influencer in your customers’ purchasing decisions. Most consumers are only willing to pay £1-£2 extra for home delivery alternatives or timed slots
  • Choice – lack of choice can lose you a sale at checkout, so you need to offer consumers a choice of delivery options
  • Control – your customers want more control over where and when their deliveries are sent, which is why options like click & collect are becoming more important
  • Convenience – your consumers want deliveries at a speed and time to suit their lifestyles. Over 50% of consumers don’t want to risk a missed delivery…

How can packaging help you optimise your delivery experience?

Making sure you have a fit for purpose packing line and packaging materials will stand you in good stead, as they are crucial to your delivery services. Here are three considerations that can help you optimise your delivery experience through packaging:

Creating a packing line that keeps up with digital expectations

Part of the challenge you face is the physical side of your supply chain keeping up with the digital. It’s inevitable that your consumers will become more demanding as technology advances. Reviewing your pick and pack line annually will help you keep up your pack line pace (here are some common pitfalls to watch out for).

We highly recommend thinking about packaging automation to give you speed and control over your packing materials, and you’ll be able to cope with growth in demand. You can also check out our other blog articles for ways to speed up your pack line.

Keeping delivery costs reasonable

Making sure your parcels minimise packaging waste and aren’t too big will keep your costs down. Our experts can help you keep material costs to a minimum and make savings elsewhere in your packaging supply chain, so you can deliver your customers’ shopping at reasonable prices. Click here to learn more about the areas we can help you analyse.

Using packaging that suits a variety of delivery options

Home delivery remains the number one choice for most consumers. Therefore, making sure your packaging is appropriate for this is key – think letterboxable boxes or mailing wraps. Alternatively, packaging that’s suitable for leaving in safe places, such as mailing bags that can withstand wet conditions or appropriate void fill that protects goods before customers can collect them are important.

If you’re offering click and collect services – we recommend packaging that include handles so it’s easy to carry. For other click and collect packaging tips, click here.

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