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How to pack delicate goods

Easter is just around the corner. So, (unsurprisingly) here in the Network office talk has turned to Easter eggs and chocolate.

Whilst chocolate eggs are very tasty, they can be quite hard to ship safely without them breaking. So, how should you pack delicate goods?

This week, we’ve put together a guide to how you should pack common delicate goods for shipping.

Easter Eggs and Other Moulded Chocolates

As moulded chocolates like Easter eggs or those famous Lindtt gold bunnies are hollow, you need to protect them from impact during transit.

Our Airsac inflatable packaging is great for this – it completely absorbs any impact and will dissipate it before your goods get broken.

The Airsac on a roll from our stock range can be cut to size and wrapped round your goods. Alternatively, we can design a bespoke Airsac that will fit your boxed Easter eggs!

(Talking of Easter, don’t forget to enter our Easter Egg Hunt competition!)


Have you ever bought ceramics online? You’ll know that they’re susceptible to breakage, especially if you’ve got multiple items in a pack.

We suggest you use packaging that effectively cushions your ceramics – like paper void fill.

You may also want to use cardboard or foam layer pads between any items you’re stacking, to avoid any damaged caused by surface contact.


Glass and crystal is easily broken. We’ve all dropped something on the kitchen floor and watched it smash before!

Can you imagine what it goes through in the transit network?

We think Suspension packs liked Sealed Air’s Korrvu are a good option for packing glassware. A suspension pack will hold your goods in place – away from any potential impact.

If the polished surface of glass ware is a concern for you, foam sheets would provide non-abrasive protection. Investing in fragile or handle with care labelling on the transit boxes is a must too!

Get help from our experts

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