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Innovative packaging that will release space in your warehouse

Geami WrapPak M edge dispenser

Space can often come at a premium. Whether you need more room to stock your product or you pay for per pallet for your storage – releasing space and making savings can often be a priority.

You packaging can often be one of the guilty parties when it comes to tying up those valuable pallet spaces or wracking shelves. So, what can you do to claim some space back?

Well, using innovative packaging solutions can be key to creating more room.

Space saving packaging solutions

Our team have put together a collection of four packaging innovations that can help you release space in your warehouse. Check it out…

Intelligent bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most common culprits for taking up space. Switching to Sealed Air’s AirCap® E bubble wrap. It saves up to 21% of storage volume compared to regular bubble. The rolls are longer and more tightly wound, so more material is stored on fewer rolls. Great if you want to save space but stick with a classic packing material that you’re familiar with!

Store-flat air cushioning

If you’re looking for an easy-store packaging option, you should consider air cushioning. Products like our Airsac® inflatable packaging range are stored flat before use and are incredibly space saving. For example, one A4 box of Airsac® is equivalent to one whole pallet of polystyrene.

Multi-layer shrink film

Another Sealed Air innovation is Cryovac CT® shrink film. It uses multi-layer film to offer the strength, stability and clarity of higher micron films, whilst reducing roll weight. Rolls are also a lot longer than most other shrink films – meaning you need to store fewer rolls, which weigh less and require less handing. A win all round.

Compact packaging dispensers

If room is tight in your packing area, using smaller, compact equipment can give you some space back. Two of our favourite examples are the Geami WrapPak® M Edge dispenser or the Geami WrapPak® EX Mini. Both solutions allow you to use the great honeycomb protection the Geami paper offers, whilst making the most of your space. Take the Edge dispenser – it bolts to the side of your packing bench, so you’re not taking up any floorspace or excessive worktop room.

More space saving ideas from our team

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