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New Sealed Air Cryovac® Shrink Film Available

Products wrapped in Cryovac shrink film

We’re excited announce that new Sealed Air Cryovac® CT shrink film is now available from Network Packaging. If you’re heat shrinking the likes of hardware, cosmetics, printed paper, textiles, art supplies and even food, Cryovac® could be perfect for you!

How is Cryovac® CT film different?

Cryovac® CT shrink film is a patented new technology which can radically enhance the performance of your packaging operation. Cryovac® incorporates up to 50 micro-layers of film compared to traditional shrink films that are typically made from 5 layers. Due to this unique composition you get enhanced strength and durability, as well as a 30-50% weight reduction in the film. This weight reduction and the advanced engineering used in the manufacture of Cryovac® means less raw materials are being used.  Plus, Cryovac® film provides outstanding clarity adding to the visual appeal of your products.

What Cryovac® CT shrink film can do for you…

We offer Cryovac® film in a range of microns to suit many applications and it can help you improve your product appearance, reduce your overall packaging costs and improve your sustainability.

Improve your product attributes

  • Improved appearance compared to conventional films
  • Outstanding resistance so you get enhanced product protection
  • Enhanced pack integrity

Reducing the total cost of your packaging

  • Longer rolls –  so you spend less time handling and changing rolls
  • Increased productivity  – speed gives you more packs per hour
  • Reduced downtime means you improve packer efficiency
  • Better sealing = additional protection, safer storage and easier handing

Enhance your sustainability

  • Less material therefore a lower carbon footprint
  • You save energy with lower tunnel and sealing temperatures
  • Waste materials are reduced in your packing operation

So, if you want to see how this new shrink film could benefit you, contact us to book time with one of our packaging experts. Call us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form today!