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Network Packaging Tips: How to measure a box

Box Dims

Need to measure a box? Don’t worry, it’s a very simple process! It’s important to remember that when you see any box dimensions, they refer to the internal measurements of the box.

Simply measure the length, width and depth (height) of what you’d like to pack – this will give you the internal dimensions for your box. We recommend expressing the dimensions in millimetres, as this is an industry standard.

The length and width measurements should relate to the opening of the box. The dimensions of a box are usually provided in this order:

  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Depth (height)

For example: 800mm x 400mm x 100mm.

If you need a fitting inside your box, you should allow an extra 3mm per measurement. The external dimensions of your box will then depend upon the type of board used – for example single or double wall cardboard.

It’s also helpful if you know the style of the box you want, such as 0201. You can read our guide to the most common box styles by clicking here.

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