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How to optimise boxes for eCommerce

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Do you work for a distribution company? If you do, you’ll understand the pressures that third party logistics companies are under from internet retail customers.

You’re challenged with delivering cost effective, efficient and sustainable supply chains, which can be a monumental task.

So how can packaging help make your life easier?

Getting boxes right can help you save time, save money and help save the environment. Here’s how you can optimise boxes for your eCommerce customers:

  1. Crash Lock Bases

If you’re concerned about how much time your packers are spending assembling boxes, introducing crash lock bases will save you time. This will help you become more efficient and increase your packs per hour.

  1. Peel & Stick Closures

Using a peel and stick closure is a quick and easy way to seal the boxes you’re packing. This is another option that will save you time.

Plus, as you’re not using different lengths of tape, you’ll be creating less waste – adding to the sustainability of your supply chain.

  1. Tear Strips

To enhance the end customer experience, introduce tear strips. This idea will mean your boxes are easy to open and reduce frustration. For more ideas to help reduce end customer wrap rage check out this blog.

  1. Recycled Board

For a truly sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain, you should suggest your eCommerce customers use boxes made of completely recycled material.

If you’re specifying cardboard grades, you should refer to recycled cardboard as test board.

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