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3 packaging considerations to improve your sustainability

Packaging material recyclingEffective pallet planning

We know that improving corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a priority for many of our customers. When it comes to packaging, improving sustaintainability can play a big part in contributing to CSR goals. Due to this, we’re always looking for ways to help you limit your environmental impact and will keep sustainability in mind when it comes to the packing solutions we recommend.

So, what packaging factors should you consider when it comes to improving your sustainability?

Our team have come up with three key considerations for you to think about. The areas we’ve highlighted can often be hiding sustainability savings as well as financial ones!

Material waste & recyclability

Packaging waste is a hot topic. The more waste you create, the greater the impact it has on the environment and your sustainability as a business. Below are a few questions you might want to ask about your packing operation…

  • Are you using any excess packaging? Do you pack consistently?
  • How sustainable or recyclable are the materials you’re using?
  • Could you re-use or re-purpose any of your packaging?

Use of excess packing materials, like void fill, bubble wrap or tape is one of the most common pitfalls we come across. It can ramp up your costs and your waste! Sustainable materials are becoming more popular too – depending on your application paper can be a good bet but if this doesn’t work for you a lot of plastic-based options can be recycled or use recycled content. Re-using or re-purpose waste packing can also add to your sustainability. For example, shredding old boxes or card board cut offs could provide you with an eco-friendly in-fill option.

Pack weight & effective pallet planning

When you’re packing your products both the weight of your pack and how effective your pallet planning is can affect your impact on the environment.

The heavier your finished pack is, the larger the quantity of fuel that will be required to transport it. This in turn contributes to increased CO2 emissions.

Similarly, if you’re palletising goods, the more pallets you use, means your deliveries will be heavier and you’ll need more loads, more frequently to handle them. All contributing to your sustainability and cutting your transport costs!

Efficiently designed packaging can cut your pack weight and help you plan pallets more effectively. By redesigning one box, we helped a customer change their pallet configuration so they could use over 100 fewer pallets per year, slashing their emissions. Could you do the same by reviewing your transport and pack weight?

Packaging machinery energy use

If you’re using any packaging machinery, have you ever thought about how much energy it’s consuming? As your equipment ages, it’s likely to be less energy efficient. Therefore, reviewing it regularly and replacing it when required will help you keep on top of your energy consumption.

Plus, changing to more efficient packaging materials can help you cut energy costs and consumption too. A great example of this is Sealed Air Cryovac® CT shrink film. Its special multi-layer technology means it can be used at lower tunnel temperatures, which reduces your energy use. It might be time to schedule your next packaging equipment audit!

Support with your sustainability goals

We’ll work in partnership with you to understand the goals of your business and create packaging solutions that support them. Complete our contact form or email for more information.