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Does your packaging pass the frustration free challenge?

Packaging material recyclingConsumers: peel and stick

Whilst we love packaging here at Network, we know that it can often be frustrating for consumers if it’s not fit for purpose!

Have you ever come across packaging that’s hard to open, had lots of excess void fill or was even too big to get through your letter box? The chances are, it wouldn’t have passed the frustration free packaging challenge.

Frustration free packaging criteria

So, what makes packaging frustration free? In recent years, internet retailing giant Amazon has been leading the way in defining what frustration free packaging is – and we agree with their criteria. We’ve also added two standards of our own, packaging that’s easy to deliver and packaging that facilitates the returns process!

Frustration free packaging will…


  • Provide adequate protection – your packaging will minimise damage in transit, negating poor customer experience and costly reverse logistics. Click here to read more about the real cost of damages goods


  • Use recyclable materials – your packaging where possible should use materials that are 100% recyclable at curbside. It’s worth noting, curbside recyclability varies massively across the UK. So, providing a recycling guide for your packaging on your website might be an interim option if you can’t achieve this standard immediately


  • Be easy to deliver – you’ll know it’s frustrating when you get a “sorry we missed you” card or your package ends up in an odd spot because its too big for your letterbox. Easy to deliver packaging takes away frustration


  • Be easy to open – not being able to get in your parcel or your delivery once it arrives can be a big annoyance. If you’re thinking about primary packaging, think no clam-shells or wire tires. If it’s your transit packaging – use easy open tear strips or perforations so your customers can access their shopping without effort


  • Enable the returns process – making returns simple and easy for customers removes frustration. Packaging that can be re-used for this purpose and making returns information clear on your website is essential

The benefits of frustration free packaging

There are lots of benefits for you and your customers if your packaging passes the frustration free challenge, including:

  • An improved customer experience
  • Lower packaging costs
  • Reduced damages & returns
  • Less impact on the environment

Don’t forget, if you’re selling your provudct via Amazon, they’re introducing penalties for parcels that don’t meet their APASS critera. Click here to head the blog of our parent company, Macfarlane Packaging,  to learn more about this.

If you want help creating your own frustration free packaging, book some time with one of our team. Email, complete our contact form or call 01902 496 666 to get in touch.