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Rules for great drinks packaging

Do you work for a drinks retailer or subscription club?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re bound to have noticed the massive revival the gin industry has been enjoying and other industries are following suit. More craft spirits, beers and wines are popping up every day.

So, your tipple is bottled and ready to go, but what make great drinks packaging?

Our experts have put their heads together and have come up with rules to help you create great transit packaging for shipping wine, spirits, beer and other drinks.

1 – Protect your product 

Perhaps the most essential rule when it comes to drinks packaging – protect your product.

It’s likely that your goods will be bottled in glass, which is incredibly fragile and prone to damage. Therefore, you need to make sure it gets to your customers in one piece – no one likes to receive a broken bottle of wine!

There are lots of options available including cardboard dividers, moulded pulp and even polystyrene.

Our favourite is Airsac inflatable packaging as it virtually eliminates damages and is 100% recyclable. Check out our quick bottle packaging guide by clicking here.

2 – Don’t forget your brand

Don’t underestimate your customer experience. If you’re on online brand, your packaging will often be the first physical interaction a customer has with your business.

So, you should make sure your transit packaging will reflect your brand. For example, if you’ve invested in premium bottles or your product will be sold at a premium price, your transit packaging should be in keeping with the customer expectation.

We love beautifully printed boxes for high end spirits or recycled or wooden packaging for organic brands.

3 – Consider the weight of your product 

Have you ever lifted a case of wine or crate of beer? They can be incredibly heavy!

Your transit packaging needs to be able to bear this weight. So, think about using stronger types of cardboard if you’re shipping multiple bottles or cans.

The weight of your parcels will also impact your shipping costs, so it’s worth taking the time to get your packaging right!

Need help creating great drinks packaging?

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