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Simple and cost effective ways to brand your packaging

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If you’re a start-up entrepreneur or an SME you’re bound to want to promote your business, however you might not be able to afford to splash out on big marketing billboards or TV adverts.

Branded packaging can actually be a cost effective way to advertise your business. While you might have to initially hold back printing your boxes because of budget, there are simpler and more cost effective ways to brand your packing materials without committing to large quantities or a large expenditure…

Two low cost options: printed tape and branded labels

Both tape and labels have small minimum order volumes and can be easily personalised with your branding and message – so they’re an ideal, low cost alternative if you want to enhance your packaging.

As well as adding to customer experience, branded tape and labels can act as a reminder to get in touch if you print them with contact details. Plus, as the print volumes are reasonably low, you can change your messaging more regularly, for example using a festive themed tape or label at Christmas should you want to.

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