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Three packaging swaps to improve sustainability and reduce emissions

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We know that sustainability is important. Packaging is often seen as “bad” for the environment, but it has an essential role to play in protecting products that are shipped across the world. That’s why we believe in helping our customers make the best choice for their businesses when it comes to packaging. Balancing your CSR goals with financial and logistical needs, without compromising the performance of your packaging is where we can help…

To improve your packaging sustainability, reduce emissions AND enhance packaging performance, here are some smart swaps you could consider…

Switch board grade on cardboard boxes

Are you using double wall boxes? They’re a popular and durable choice, but you can actually get the same product protection by swapping to a high-performance single wall box. This switch can…

  • Reduce the packaging material you’re using by up to 25%
  • Lower the cost of your boxes
  • Create fewer emissions during the manufacturing process
  • Increase the number of boxes able to be shipped per pallet limiting transport emissions

Use a lower micron, more efficient stretch film

The engineering of stretch film has come a long way. You can now get a great performance from lower micron films – such as our 12 micron pre-stretch. By swapping your stretch film you could:

  • Reduce film costs by up to 50%
  • Use less material (for some customers we’ve reduced their stretch use by tons each year)
  • Create less waste and lower your carbon footprint
  • Improve load stability

It’s also worth remembering that stretch film can be recycled if you have an industrial recycling provider! Click here to learn more about the stretch wrap review process and how it can benefit your business.

Swap to water activated paper tape

If you’re using plastic tape to seal your boxes, swapping to water activated tape is usually a quick win. Also known as gummed paper tape, switching to water activated tape can offer you a range of advantages:

  • No more waste – water activated tape is 100% recyclable
  • Better pack integrity as water activated tape is tamper evident
  • Enhanced customer experience as pack presentation is improved it’s easier to recycle
  • Reduce excess material use and packer fatigue by using the tape with an automated dispenser

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