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New 12-micron pre-stretch machine film now available!

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We’re excited to let you know that a new, innovative 12-micron pre-stretch machine film is now available from Network Packaging.

Why is this film so innovative?

Advanced manufacturing techniques mean this new 12-micron film offers the same performance as a 20+ micron equivalent but uses fewer raw materials. This means it will have less impact on the environment – and your supply chain.

Why should you consider this new film?

You can do more with less film! This film will offer you a more consistent performance, so it enables you to use less material to wrap your pallets.

You’ll get more out of a roll of this 12-micron-performance stretch, so you’ll be able to wrap more pallets, more efficiently. Plus, you’ll be performing fewer operator roll changes, cutting your handling time. As you’ll be using less material you’ll reduce your stretch film costs and minimise your carbon footprint too!

Have confidence in your load stability

Another great benefit of our high performance 12-micron machine film is that it offers excellent load stability. Improved load stability gives you the confidence that you can ship your goods securely and safely.

Load stability will be particularly important to you, if you’re exporting to countries within the EU because of EU directive 2014/47. The directive means cargo vehicles can be stopped and subjected to roadside inspections to check if their load is packaged and secured in accordance with the new requirements. Even more reason for you to make sure your stretch film is fit for purpose!

Book a no obligation stretch film review

Want to find out if our 12-micron pre-stretch machine film is for you? We provide free of charge professional stretch film analysis that can help you find the best film for your packing operation.

Email with your business details to book your stretch film review today!