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Bonding your customer to your brand with packaging

The experience your customer has when they interact with your business can leave a lasting impression. It can be complex fulfilling the needs of consumers at the best times. With restrictions now in place in traditional retail environments, there has been a deluge of people turning to online shopping to make their purchases – adding to the pressure omnichannel retailers are facing.

Customers tactile experiences with your products are limited when they shop online, so finding new ways to bond your customer to your brand is becoming increasingly important. Packaging is the first physical touchpoint when a customer shops online, so plays a vital role in developing a bond with your customer.

Getting the basics right

The first step in enhancing your customer experience through your packaging is getting the basics right. So, what do we mean by basics? A great ecommerce pack should:

  • Enable quick & efficient packing
  • Provide protection to your products
  • Use an appropriate amount of packing materials
  • Be easy to deliver
  • Be easy to open
  • Be straightforward to return

Packaging that leaves an on-brand impression

Now that you’ve got the essential function of your packaging right, the next step is to give your packaging impact. The results of our group’s latest unboxing survey revealed over 30% of packs still have no branding, which is a missed opportunity.

Branding your packaging on the outside or inside is a way to communicate to your customers. Ensuring your packaging is on-brand will help you create a bond with your customer and deliver the wow-factor when your products are delivered. In fact, branded packaging can even increase customer loyalty and repeat sales. Click here to read more.

Sustainability is the future

Customers are concerned with the environment more than ever, and rightly so. This year 63% of packaging reviewed as part of our unboxing survey was recyclable and welcomed by consumers. Using packaging made from sustainable materials can help demonstrate your brand’s sustainability and CSR values to your customers.

Options to consider include using paper-based materials which are kerbside recyclable and using materials that already contain recycled content. Packaging that can be reused will also show your commitment to the environment. To help our customers make sustainable packaging choices, our group has introduced Environmental Impact Ratings (EIR) on our catalogue packaging range. Our EIR is explained in full here.

For help with creating your ideal customer experience with packaging email or call 01902 496 666.