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Environmental Impact Rating introduced for our catalogue packaging

Network Packaging’s parent company, Macfarlane Packaging has introduced a new Environmental Impact Rating (EIR) to help customers make informed choices when it comes to their packaging and sustainability.

In an ongoing commitment to reducing packaging’s impact on the environment, all stock packaging displayed in the Macfarlane Packaging catalogue will have its own EIR that indicates the recycled content, reusability and recyclability of the item. The EIR will apply to the stock items sold through Network Packaging too – giving their customers the confidence to make eco-friendly decisions about their packaging solutions.

An example Environmental Impact Rating

Commenting on the launch of the new environmental rating:

Charlotte Hardy, Marketing Manager at Network Packaging, says: “We understand that our customers are now, more than ever, concerned about the impact their packaging choices have on the environment. The new Environmental Impact Rating launched by our group will give our customers an easy way to understand how best to support their CSR goals and reduce the use of packaging, whilst ensuring their products remain protected.”

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