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How to pack Mother’s Day gifts for shipping

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve started to think about how typical Mother’s Day gifts are packed and posted.

If you’ve been to our blog page before, you might have noticed we’ve spoken about how consumers buying patterns are changing.

Packaging is often your customers’ first ‘touch point’ when receiving their goods. This means it plays a huge part in you customer journey and in turn, your reputation. Here are our top tips for packing popular Mother’s Day gifts….

How to pack flowers & plants

You’ll find that a growing number of people are turning to online retailers for flower deliveries.

If you’re shipping flowers from your distribution centre, you want to make sure your bouquets stay fresh in transit.

Once the bouquet is wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon, we recommend using a sturdy box with a divider or fitting to pack your arrangements. You can even use special dampened cushioning to keep cut flowers fresh. If you’re packing plants that have roots and soil, packing the base of the plant in a bag will also keep soil from spoiling the rest of your pack.

How to pack confectionery & beverages

If your confectionery is boxed, you’ll be safe sending it in a transit carton with void fill – we love attractive paper cushioning like Geami WrapPak.

However, if you’re shipping out very fragile confectionery or bottles of champagne & spirits, our Airsac inflatable packaging is a great option to protect them in transit.
Your clients will get their goods in one piece! Offering wooden boxes to your customers for drink gifts is a nice touch too.

How to pack frames and art

Do you sell frames or artwork? Then we’re sure you’re familiar with the challenge of making sure the fragile corners don’t get damaged.

Our Airsac picture frame corners have been developed with special impact absorbing properties – so will eliminate damages in transit. Click here to check out a case study where Airsac helped save one customer over £50,000.

Don’t forget presentation too – acid free tissue and a smart gift box will ensure your customers can gift your artwork with ease.

How to pack jewellery

When you ship jewellery, you may want to use individual bags to protect items in transit and keep them separate. You’ll find bubble bags are a good choice.

This will stop any unwanted tangling and offer hygiene protection too.

We also recommend that you offer a gift box or bag that your customers can use to present their purchases. You can also use ribbons  to tie the boxes and bags for an extra special touch.

Do you need support with your packaging?

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